Saturday, 16 April 2011

New Lounge Pants!

So I got some amazing new lounge pants today at forever 21! I'm so excited that I finally got a pair of colourful lounge pants as i've been wearing dark colours all winter.

Me lounging in my new lounge pants!

My friend Becky is also an avid lounger, I have been lounging with her and have noticed her lounging style is very unique. As you can see below, she is wearing some Ray Ban sunglasses to shield her eyes from the bright rays, wearing an oversized scarf to keep her warm and has hiked up her lounge pants as to keep her midriff warm. Smart technique! It was snowing yesterday - spring really hasn't hit vancouver yet so lounging still consists of winter-wear! Ahh.

I will do more posts soon, trying to update the blog more often! If anyone would like to do a guest post, please contact me! Everyone lounges differently and would like to hear, how do YOU like to lounge?!

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