Monday, 25 April 2011

Lounging Around The World

Hey readers, hope everyone has been enjoying this gorgeous late April with plenty of lounging. Starting today, I embark on a summer filled with no work, lots of travelling and a whole lotta lounging. Since I'm going to be hopping about a few continents this summer, I felt it important to consider how residents of other countries might lounge.

Not only will I learn to lounge like the locals at the countries I visit when I arrive, but I have been carefully incorporating lounging into my travel plans like none other. Here are some tips to make your trip as lounge-friendly as possible!

1. When looking for hostels and hotels to stay in, Lounge Area is a key criteria - there's no better way to befriend fellow travellers than engaging in a session of lounging together. lets you know right away if your hostel has lounging facilities - how convenient!

2. If possible, find airports with lounge facilities! Very accommodating of some airlines to provide these to us tired travellers who just need a quick lounge.

3. Some websites even sell travel goods designed specifically for lounging!

At first, I was worried that my trip might get too busy and unrelaxed, but all of my lounge-related findings have been very comforting. It is great to see that other travellers are as concerned with lounging as I am.

Next week I'll be hitting the Greek islands for the sole purpose of lounging in the sun... already bought my oversized microfiber quick dry towel so that nothing can stop me. All for now... Bon Voyage!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

IM A GRADUATE- let the lounging begin!

How to lounge as a graduate: PART 1

How to party while lounging...
stay tuned!

New Lounge Pants!

So I got some amazing new lounge pants today at forever 21! I'm so excited that I finally got a pair of colourful lounge pants as i've been wearing dark colours all winter.

Me lounging in my new lounge pants!

My friend Becky is also an avid lounger, I have been lounging with her and have noticed her lounging style is very unique. As you can see below, she is wearing some Ray Ban sunglasses to shield her eyes from the bright rays, wearing an oversized scarf to keep her warm and has hiked up her lounge pants as to keep her midriff warm. Smart technique! It was snowing yesterday - spring really hasn't hit vancouver yet so lounging still consists of winter-wear! Ahh.

I will do more posts soon, trying to update the blog more often! If anyone would like to do a guest post, please contact me! Everyone lounges differently and would like to hear, how do YOU like to lounge?!

The Dangers of Lounging TOO HARD

Lately I've been lounging quite a bit. There are a few things that I've noticed whilst lounging too hard:

- Lounging is more rewarding after a long day of studying/working otherwise you really don't appreciate those endless hours spent in bed or on the couch.
- Lounging is also more enjoyable when you have other things you should be doing.
- Lounging is much more fun in groups - I personally have gone crazy after lounging solo for too long. Shit gets real.
- Bad shows become addicting, so do funny youtube videos.
- Bedsores become almost inevitable (in my case, I invested in a top quality memory foam mattress topper)

Remember, safety first!

Lounging Tunes, Vol II

LG's music post inspired me to do a quick post on my very own fave lounging tunes. My all-time favourite artist to lounge to is everybody's favourite JT... and no, I don't mean Justin Timberlake.

The original JT, James Taylor, is quite simply a boss. The 50+ ladies view him as a sex object...

...but to me he is simply a great lounging accompaniment! His deeply soothing voice is perfect for anytime chills and is even appropriate for study lounging. LG, along with many other people in our younger age group, consider him to be too old school and perhaps outdated for our lives, but I will always appreciate and embrace his timeless charm.

A few of my Faves:

Mexico (for beachside lounging)
Sweet Baby James (a dope lullaby for evening lounging)
Only a Dream in Rio (for tropical lounging and for planning my South America trip)
Fire and Rain (simply a classic)
Up on the Roof (perfect for summertime chills atop LG's Asian palace)

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Lounging Tunes

Hi all. I have been lounging very hard lately as I've packed in school and I am almost a graduate! (stay tuned for "how to lounge as a graduate" post). My lounging has mostly consisted of lying in bed solo (my roommates are busy lounging in the lib) and playing some "easy listening" tunes. I will share them for you:

Perfect for lazy days, upbeat and motivating. Celebrities lounge too!

On the verge of dirrtay beats, LL Cool J sings about "loungin"

Very upbeat, could hear this in a club and really get into it

Always been a classic.

Enough said.

Fresh 2 death chillin music - upbeat!

Hope you enjoy these beatz and keep loungin hard!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Inter-Seasonal Lounging

There is a common misconception that outdoor lounging is exclusively a July-August activity for when school is out and the coasts are abundant with boats n' hoes. Not so, my friends, not so. This post begins our much-anticipated four-part segment on how to make the most of open air lounging in every season.


How to lounge like a champ in Winter:
- on a snow tube... prime
- on a chairlift... classic
- in Glacier Creek... may I suggest the oriental stir fry paired with a casual brew, followed by a group safety meeting (just in case)
- making snow angels... obvs just an excuse to lounge in the snow
- in a parked car at Spanish Banks wearing rainboots (the Vancouver winter edition)

Winter Lounging Accessories: A buddy or two (body heat is essential), a toque and some killer long johns

Although Winter is nearly over (TGIS, seriously), let this be a guide for you to prepare for next year. You can never plan your lounging too early... stay tuned for our Spring edition coming soon!