Monday, 25 April 2011

Lounging Around The World

Hey readers, hope everyone has been enjoying this gorgeous late April with plenty of lounging. Starting today, I embark on a summer filled with no work, lots of travelling and a whole lotta lounging. Since I'm going to be hopping about a few continents this summer, I felt it important to consider how residents of other countries might lounge.

Not only will I learn to lounge like the locals at the countries I visit when I arrive, but I have been carefully incorporating lounging into my travel plans like none other. Here are some tips to make your trip as lounge-friendly as possible!

1. When looking for hostels and hotels to stay in, Lounge Area is a key criteria - there's no better way to befriend fellow travellers than engaging in a session of lounging together. lets you know right away if your hostel has lounging facilities - how convenient!

2. If possible, find airports with lounge facilities! Very accommodating of some airlines to provide these to us tired travellers who just need a quick lounge.

3. Some websites even sell travel goods designed specifically for lounging!

At first, I was worried that my trip might get too busy and unrelaxed, but all of my lounge-related findings have been very comforting. It is great to see that other travellers are as concerned with lounging as I am.

Next week I'll be hitting the Greek islands for the sole purpose of lounging in the sun... already bought my oversized microfiber quick dry towel so that nothing can stop me. All for now... Bon Voyage!

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