Saturday, 16 April 2011

Lounging Tunes, Vol II

LG's music post inspired me to do a quick post on my very own fave lounging tunes. My all-time favourite artist to lounge to is everybody's favourite JT... and no, I don't mean Justin Timberlake.

The original JT, James Taylor, is quite simply a boss. The 50+ ladies view him as a sex object...

...but to me he is simply a great lounging accompaniment! His deeply soothing voice is perfect for anytime chills and is even appropriate for study lounging. LG, along with many other people in our younger age group, consider him to be too old school and perhaps outdated for our lives, but I will always appreciate and embrace his timeless charm.

A few of my Faves:

Mexico (for beachside lounging)
Sweet Baby James (a dope lullaby for evening lounging)
Only a Dream in Rio (for tropical lounging and for planning my South America trip)
Fire and Rain (simply a classic)
Up on the Roof (perfect for summertime chills atop LG's Asian palace)

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