Sunday, 20 March 2011

How to Lounge While Sick

1. Hydrate. Hydration is key when you are feeling under the weather. I suggest a 1.75L Simply Apple as a daily sidekick in combating bacteria.
2. Nourish. Fact: ethnic foods have natural antioxidants. Or maybe I made that up. Either way, Thai Express yellow curry is a staple... Hogya Sharabi.
3. Spectate. Scope out hottie players including several LBs (LG's favourite) while watching some NCAA March Madness (by far, the most exciting way to lounge as the blossoms begin to bloom).

Get well soon!

How to lounge at a club

Enough said.

Monday, 14 March 2011

How not to lounge

Just thought I'd do a quick post on how NOT to lounge. As there are very few ways not to lounge, I came across a big no-no when it comes to lounging. My beloved roommate LP (robyn) loves to lounge, although not quite as hard as I do because she is quite studious. When she does lounge, she wears what we like to call "shants". Yes, she is a little person but this is not any excuse to wear candy-striped flood pants. Paired with the pac-man athletic tee in black, she presents a terrific contrast colour to the striped shants. Also, her nail polish matches quite nicely!

LP wearing some striped shants!

If any of you are also little people and have trouble finding clothes that fit properly, click here:

Friday, 11 March 2011

Lib vs. Bib

Hey loungers! I’ve been super busy lately and haven’t had time to lounge so I thought I’d do a quick post on lounging at school. The library is a place that is always quiet and academic so I sometimes opt for the more casual alternative: the bibliocafe also known as bibliocaf, biblio or just plain bib. For those of you that are unaware, the bib is a nice cafĂ© in our library, full of comfy chairs and tables to work at, but there are no restrictions on how quiet one must be. This makes it perfect for casual chats, working on some non-academic projects (such as blogging), and just plain people watching. In bib, anything goes.

Kelsey lounges hard in bib. Notice that she doesn't need to have school notes, a computer or any other means of schoolwork in front of her. Lounging is completely acceptable here.

The library is a place that is quite a bit more studious although it depends what floor you’re on. Sometimes you will catch students sleeping on desks or finding some comfy chairs in the basement and falling asleep. This is a good alternative if you need a quick nap but don’t have time to go all the way home. Its all about the style of chair you sit in. cushioned chairs are more lounging-friendly wheras cubicle desks with hard chairs make you want to hurry up and study so you can get the hell out of there.

Stef lounges hard in the lib while listening to some slow jams. This situation may be a bit awkward, as you can see, everyone behind her is hard at work and may judge her for lounging this hard in the library. Although props for choosing a comfy chair, and knowing Stef, she had her bio notes close by in case she needed to whip them out.

All in all, I like to distinguish between the two as follows: lib is for work and bib is for lounging. How do YOU like to lounge in the lib vs bib?

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Some pics

Today I was extremely hungover so I spent the whole day lounging! It was unproductive lounging but I spent it in the company of my roommates, which gave me the idea to do a post featuring them sometime this week. We spent the day watching tv and even started the first season of the OC – still such a good show after all these years!

I have noticed that these blog posts have all been very wordy lately, so I decided to dive into some old photo albums and gather a bunch of pictures of how my friends and I like to lounge!

After a long night comes a rough morning! As you can see, I had to be productive but that didn't stop me from dressing in a casual attire. Note: magic bullet cup of water - essential in to-go hydration.

This was a very rough morning so we decided to bring the kitchen table into Stef's room. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so we couldn't let our lounging interfere! Integration is key.

Lounging is always more enjoyable in groups. As you can see in this photo, we are all comfortably dressed in sweatsuits and have an abundance of blankets and pillows to ensure we were comfortable at all times. This was in the living room so the tv, computers, food and water was accessible at all times!

Brodie lounges hard.

TV watching is always more enjoyable when you're in bed. Good company is key!

One of my favourite celebrities.. LOUNGING!

This is all for tonight but I will do a more detailed post sometime this week! In the meantime, keep lounging hard. xo LG

Productive Lounging

Hey all. Hope you had a lounge-filled weekend. I went out two nights but not so hard either night, so my lounges were relatively unhungover which was dope; no gatorade required.

Today, I didn't feel like going to the library so I engaged in what I like to call "productive lounging" right here in the comfort of my own apartment. Productive lounging entails, as the name would suggest, getting things done while lounging hard. Genius.

A Few Ways I like to engage in productive lounging:
- Blowdry Lounging (blowdry using one hand, computer on lap, scroll through US weekly online with other hand)
- Laundry Lounging (put laundry in washer, lounge, move clothes to dryer, lounge, take out of dryer)
- TV Lounging (currently watching America's Next Great Restaurant while blogging - so productive!)

Here is what I am lounging in tonight:

I am modelling the classic American Apparel hoodie in "Purple", a red McGill t-shirt only available at the exclusive "McGill Bookstore" on McTavish Street, and my favourite cheap black leggings from some random boutique in Soho. Although you can't see them, my feet are cozy in classic Champion socks - a Costco necessity. I tried to find out where you guys could purchase these online while lounging in case you wanted in on the trend, but when I searched, this is what came up. Thanks search engine, i WAS looking for docks now that you mention it...

My previously mentioned beloved PJ pants are in the wash (read: laundry lounging) which is why I'm not wearing them tonight, for those readers who might have been wondering. Back to less productive lounging... more to come soon!

Friday, 4 March 2011

TGIF... Let the Lounging Begin!

First off, I’d like to thank my co-founder LG for her succinct introduction and definition of lounging - when writing my inaugural post, I didn’t consider the fact that many of you are probably new to the idea of lounging as a surefire, certified pass time and semi-competitive sport - how rude of me. Now if we’re going down the historical route, I think it makes sense to talk a little bit about how and why this blog and entire concept were founded. It all started with LG’s trip to the optometrist about a month ago. When she told me the story of how her eye doctor asked what her hobbies were (presumably to figure out how often she stared at a screen), all she could think of was hanging with friends, chilling, watching TV... essentially, all-encompassing “lounging”, for lack of a better word. From this was born a true love and dedication to the art of lounging (yes, it is one of the few hobbies that is both an sport and an art... kind of like ballet, if you will), and hence this blog to document our passion.
Before you get to know us, it is important to note that LG and I have different lounging habits. I busy myself with far too much so I get less quality lounging time than she does, but I consider myself to lounge extremely hard in the allotted lounging time that I do have even though it’s not much at all. LG, on the other hand, is a seasoned professional - on the west coast where I’m originally from (hence my innate lounging-oriented nature), lifestyles tend to be more laidback and lounge friendly so there is more opportunity for practice... you can imagine that as a finance/math student with far too much extracurricular involvement that fitting a solid daily lounge in might be a struggle. Furthermore, I live in Quebec, and French people hate lounging, so that cramps my style as well. Cases in point:

Jean Chretien: Most uptight buddy in the world.
Jacques Cartier: He, like, discovered Canada or some shit... clearly not a lounger.
Celine Dion: Posing as an Anglophone lounger. Don't let that fool you.

Further to our geographical differences, LG and I also lounge in very different attire - as you can see from her previous post, she’s more about the leggings but I dig the classic PJ pants for solo lounging. I’ll have more on my PJs soon. Enough about us - all of that suffices to say that although we have different lounging styles, we lounge amazingly together. All right, enough lounging for me... back to the real world (actually the real one, sadly not the MTV lounging-inducing variety). Happy Friday!!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Favourite lounge attire

Hey all, just decided to do a quick post on my favourite lounge outfit! I woke up this morning and didn't have class till 1 so I decided to lounge (obvs) until I had to catch the bus to school.

I am wearing some Forever 21 Harem lounge pants, a Forever 21 classic tank top (in olive green) and my favourite Grandpa slippers (they're hard to find, I got them in the states!) The pants are my absolute favourite, they have an elastic waist, tapered ankles and even have pockets. Perfect for a day lounging at home! For all you avid loungers, you can purchase all this on the website Happy Lounging!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

LG welcomes all loungers!

Hello all! LG here, I would like to welcome all you avid readers to our new blog, and I am really looking forward to being your new homepage, bookmark, guilty pleasure or whatever our blog means to you! I am really looking forward to spending my lounging time working hard updating this blog, informing you all on how you can become loungers just like us. Blog posts will include tips on how to lounge, some descriptions of good lounge sessions I’ve had, some good loungewear and where to buy, some tv shows I enjoy, and I will obviously update you all on how much time I’ve spent lounging daily!

I will start with a brief definition of “lounge”, for those of you who may not be familiar with the term or action of lounging.

Lounge (lounging) v. – to act or move idly or lazily, to pass time idly.

For my first post, I’d like to give you all a little introduction to lounging and what it means to me. I have always been a fan of lounging but recently in the past while I have become overwhelmed with school and I find a good way to de-stress is to lounge hard. Also the older and wiser I get, the worse my hangovers become, therefore the entire next day is spent lounging. What exactly can you consider lounging? Lounging can be anything from watching tv, surfing the internet, reading our blog, napping or just hanging out with good company in a relaxed setting. Lounging activities are always up to the lounger! My number one tip: keep it casual.

This was just a short intro just to get the ball rolling for all you aspiring loungers. I will do a post soon on my favourite lounge attire. Loungers must always be in comfortable yet stylish attire! Can’t wait.


Just Lounging at the Lib

Hay friends. By friends I mean LG (Lounging Goddess, obviously) who is the only one that will read this from day one. Since I'm at the library and would rather be lounging, I decided to procrastinate (aka semi-lounge) by starting this blog off with an inaugural post. The idea for this blog, I might add, is courtesy of LG the great (like pretty much the most legendary lounger of ever... in fact, probably had the idea for this blog while lounging hard).

My first post will tell you how to effectively lounge at the library without looking like you're doing so. Because seriously, for those of us who go to legitimate universities, the last thing you want when you're studying is to see is buddy across from you watching Y&R reruns with the volume too loud (engineers are weird).

Ways to Successfully Lounge at the Library:
1. Pick a seat where your back is facing the wall; ie you are facing the middle of the room. This way, nobody can see how hard you're lounging on your computer, and you can people watch (a great lounging activity).
2. If you're f-book lounging, don't scope peoples' pages that go to your school. Rookie mistake, but we see it happen all too often. Safety first.
3. Take off you shoes or boots. Seriously. Nobody can see your feet under that table and it makes a long day at the lib feel like you're just loungin at home. Try it out.
4. Find yourself a cozy spot at the Education library. They don't do real work, so they're ALWAYS lounging - you'll fit right in!
5. Find a library with good light. If you're lounging too hard and the place isn't well lit, your lounge will likely turn into a public spectacle of a nap especially if it's late at night. Use caution.

Let us know - How do YOU like to lounge at the library?