Thursday, 7 April 2011

Inter-Seasonal Lounging

There is a common misconception that outdoor lounging is exclusively a July-August activity for when school is out and the coasts are abundant with boats n' hoes. Not so, my friends, not so. This post begins our much-anticipated four-part segment on how to make the most of open air lounging in every season.


How to lounge like a champ in Winter:
- on a snow tube... prime
- on a chairlift... classic
- in Glacier Creek... may I suggest the oriental stir fry paired with a casual brew, followed by a group safety meeting (just in case)
- making snow angels... obvs just an excuse to lounge in the snow
- in a parked car at Spanish Banks wearing rainboots (the Vancouver winter edition)

Winter Lounging Accessories: A buddy or two (body heat is essential), a toque and some killer long johns

Although Winter is nearly over (TGIS, seriously), let this be a guide for you to prepare for next year. You can never plan your lounging too early... stay tuned for our Spring edition coming soon!

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